Eclectic Guitar

We are very please to announce that our debut EP, “Waiting On The Shore”, will be available to buy from April 20th.  Here on the website you will be able to purchase a physical copy via Paypal and have a listen to the tracks using our SoundCloud widget before you buy.  If you’d prefer a digital download you’ll be able to visit our Bandcamp site:  The option to listen before you buy is available there too.

This has been eight months in the making and we hope you enjoy the results!

EP Mastering: 11th – 17th March 2013

Yesterday evening we received the master copies of all six of our EP tracks.  Mark worked solidly for the past week to prepare the tracks, and last night we were able to hear the culmination of six months of creativity.  Needless to say, we were astounded by the quality of the final masters!

The EP title will be “WAITING ON THE SHORE”.  The tracks, in order of appearance, are: 1. “Strange Old Game” (DH), “Sunny Hill” (TK), “Waiting on the Shore” (DH), “The Clown Came In” (TK), “Sunrise Over Bluestown” (DH), “Mistakes Were Made” (DH).  All tracks (C) Eclectic Guitar.

The EP’s front cover is unconfirmed and there are a number of other loose ends to be tied up.  However, official release shouldn’t be too far away…

Recording Session Six: 9th March 2013

Recording for our EP is now finished – mission accomplished!  The final song, Sunrise Over Bluestown, is safely in the bag.  We also re-recorded vocal harmonies for the previous song, Mistakes Were Made.  With recording finished, our sound engineer Mark Hillan will be mastering the tracks over the next week or so.  The EP title, track order and some of the images to be used are now confirmed and will be revealed in a future post.  Exciting times!

Recording Session Five: 2nd February 2013

During this session we took care of the fifth EP track, Mistakes Were Made.  Mark once again impressed us with his inspired suggestions: the track features an E-Bow used by Mark on his very own Telecaster.  The whole day went very smoothly and we had time to begin looking ahead to other matters to do with finalising the EP such as a title, track order and ideas for visual appearance.

Recording Session Three: 15th December 2012

We focused our efforts during this session on The Clown Came In.  Now with an impressive bridge section and one or two other surprises, the song is finished.  We’re confident that once Mark has worked his magic on the mix it’s going to be keeper number three!  Two songs remain to be recorded, and Waiting on the Shore still needs a bit of polishing up.  Next recording session is likely to be early February.

Track Progress: Songs 1-4

Out of the four tracks worked on so far, two are “keepers”: Sunny Hill and Strange Old Game.  The other two (Waiting on the Shore and The Clown Came In) need some further development, either through re-recording certain vocals/instruments or through adding in extra bits and pieces.  Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Recording Session Two: 20th October 2012

This session featured work on a further two songs: Strange Old Game (written by David) and The Clown Came In (written by Tom).  With five tracks to lay down, including Tom’s moothie, the first song was a challenge but in the end it worked a treat.  The second song saw us introducing and considering layers which Tom hadn’t originally thought of.  Mark’s dedication continues to impress and reassure us!  We expect to return in December.

Recording Session One: 1st September 2012

Our first visit to Echo Soundlabs saw us working on two tracks: Waiting on the Shore (written by David) and Sunny Hill (written by Tom).  We are encouraged by Mark’s enthusiasm and talent as a sound engineer!  We expect to return in October.

Eclectic Guitar EP

Our first EP is in the pipeline!  We will be working with Mark Hillan of Echo Soundlabs (based in Langbank) to produce an EP of 6 original tracks.